Can I ask you a quick favor?

Would you be so kind as to give answers to these basic questions below?

One-Minute SURVEY:

Have you ever heard of Indiegogo, Kickstarter or Gofundme?

Have you ever heard of Crowdfunding?

Do you have any student loan debt?

Do you have any projects around the house small or large that need funding?

Are you prepared for retirement?

Would an extra $500 to $1000 a month help your household?

Did you know with crowdfunding you could raise enough contributions to buy a new car or home?

Have you ever seen a peer-to-peer crowdfunding model?

Is there a crowdfunding platform with a low contribution launch point for under $30 USD?

Is there a crowdfunding platform which automates all processes to keep it super simple?

Is there a crowdfunding platform existing that gives you a mobile social site with their platform?

If you could contribute to a crowdfunding platform once and get paid repeatedly would you be more apt to participate?

If a platform existed, with full automation, support, a simple mobile website builder, all for a one time out of pocket $29 to $58 USD contribution, would you be open to watching a short video about it?

If such a platform existed, would you share it with others in your community who might have the same funding needs as you, or share through social media?

Have you ever participated in crowdfunding platforms?